‘’…And a lovely, south-facing garden’ – we’ve seen the phrase in many a property listing, but how much does a south-facing garden really add to the price of a house?

With the lockdown, outside spaces have become more sought after than ever, but even beforehand, south-facing gardens were considered desirable because they get sunlight for more of the day. In urban areas, where gardens are smaller, narrower and more shaded, it’s even more important. It is such an issue that agents regularly report people checking the compasses on their phones during viewings to check the house’s exact orientation.

Putting a value on it, however, is not so simple. Fortunately, Rightmove have now done most of the hard work, trawling through their data in search of answers. So what did they find?

Of the 400,000 homes they analysed, the average increase in value was £22,695, or 7%. In London, you’d expect those figures to be even higher, and they were, in financial terms – £57,903 – but in percentage terms they only ranked third, which suggests there is a ceiling to what are people are prepared to pay. The keenest gardeners are to be found in Yorkshire and The Humber, which saw the biggest percentage boost at 14%.


Region                                                Asking price premium          Price difference


Yorkshire & Humber                           14%                                     £35,628

North West                                         12%                                     £31,698

London                                                9%                                       £57,903

South East London                              9%                                       £38,535

East London                                         9%                                       £33,959

North East                                           8%                                       £14,613

West Midlands                                    8%                                       £23,038

Wales                                                  6%                                       £15,088

South West                                         6%                                       £21,768

East Midlands                                     5%                                       £14,119

Scotland                                              3%                                       £7,596

East of England                                   2%                                       £8,559

South East                                           2%                                       £8,000


Average GB                                         7%                                       £22,695


During their research Rightmove discovered south-facing gardens didn’t just affect the price of a house, they also meant the house sold faster. Again, Yorkshire and The Humber performed best, shaving 8 days off the a property’s time on the market. The average across the country was was 2 days or around 5%.


Region                                                standard time to find buyer     Days saved


Yorkshire & Humber                           47                                             8

North East                                           58                                             6

West Midlands                                    42                                             5

South West                                         47                                             4

East of England                                   49                                             4

Scotland                                              33                                            3

East Midlands                                     44                                             3

Wales                                                  47                                             1

South East                                           50                                             0

London                                                45                                             0

North West                                         48                                             0


Average GB                                         47                                             2


In more general terms, Rightmove also report searches for gardens were up by 56% since lockdown began. It means that, even if your garden is not south-facing, it still adds to the attraction of your home and it’s therefore important to make the most of all your outside spaces, mowing the lawn, repairing and painting fences and sheds. You should then make sure you get some really good shots taken, especially while all the flowers are still out.


Rightmove’s Miles Shipside says,

“Since the market reopened we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for homes with a garden as buyers place greater importance on outdoor space. For as long as I can remember, south-facing gardens have been viewed as the crème de la crème of outdoor spaces among home-hunters.

“It doesn’t mean your house will automatically be worth £22,000 more if it has a south-facing garden as this is an average and it will also depend on the condition and location of your home, but it’s certainly something to shout about in a listing as it could mean your home makes it on to a buyer’s shortlist over another property down the road, or even on the other side of the street.”