How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Go On Holiday

It’s the time of year for holidays and long weekends, but what happens if you have to go away? 

  • Install a security system
  • Keep your home clean and tidy
  • Leave lights on and set an alarm timer to turn off after 30 minutes
  • Lock up all windows before leaving for your trip
  • Keep your spare key hidden

You can’t take your dog with you or get anyone else to look after him. What should you do? This article will give you some tips on keeping your home safe when someone is going on holiday.

Install a Security System

An excellent way to keep your home safe when you go on holiday is by installing a security system. It will monitor your house for any intruders and notify the police if there’s trouble. Also, ensure that every door in your home has a lock installed and locked with a key or code. 

Lock up any medications or other items that an intruder can abuse. Leave significant numbers with people who live nearby in case of emergencies.

Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Security cameras are an excellent way to keep track of what’s going on while you’re out. It will give you peace of mind and can be used as evidence if there is a break-in or some other kind of crime committed against your property. Install motion detectors too, which will detect if there are any intruders in the house.

Install Security Lights and Alarm Systems on Windows and Doors

Security lights will scare criminals away, as well as making your home more secure by lighting up the exterior at night. Of course, you should also install alarms, which you can set to go off with just a touch of an app on your phone.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

To keep a cleaner house, consider hiring professionals to come once in a while you’re away. It will decrease the chances of someone breaking in as it will not look deserted.

Leave Lights On and Set an Alarm Timer To Turn Off After 30 Minutes

You can hire a professional to switch on lights to create an impression as if someone’s home while you’re away. It can deter would-be burglars simply because they’ll think that somebody is at home and awake – when in reality, it could be a timer or motion detector set out by your security system.

Lock Up All Windows Before Leaving for Your Trip

Make sure that all the windows in your house are locked before you go away on holiday. It is essential if it’s a ground-floor property, as criminals could break one window and access others with ease – which would lead to them getting into any room they wanted. Please don’t leave anything valuable out in plain sight either, as it might tempt thieves to break in.

Keep Your Spare Key Hidden

The best way to keep your home safe while you’re away is by keeping a spare key hidden somewhere. Criminals know where people hide their keys – so they’ll try the obvious places first, such as under the mat or in a flowerpot outside of your house. So keep it well-hidden and make sure that only someone trustworthy knows about its whereabouts.

You can use these steps to keep your home safe when you leave for a holiday.