Property Management Notting Hill

Whether you are planning to rent out your property for the first time or you’re an
experienced landlord with less time on your hands, utilising an estate agency’s
property management service is the perfect, time-saving solution.

Here at Homesite we know that being a landlord can often seem overwhelming
with an ever-increasing list of legislation and compliance regulations to adhere
to. And that is on top of general property and tenant queries that may arise.
Below are just a few reasons why using an agency’s fully managed service will
make life as a landlord a little easier.

1. Dealing with the legal issues
As we have already mentioned, legislation in the lettings industry is hugely
important and is changing at a fast pace. You need someone to trust to take care
of the financial and legal requirements, and with a fully managed service, you can
do just that. A trained and experienced team will ensure legal requirements such as gas and
electrical certifications are in place and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
are up to date, amongst other things.


2. Finding quality tenants
A good agency will do their very best to find you a reliable, quality tenant – the
better the tenant, the better it is for everyone involved. Here at Homesite our
teams are well placed to put forward applicants and then use our high-quality
tenant referencing service. Long term, this should mean you’ll have tenants who
pay on time, take care of your property and maintain it well for you, so there is less
of a cost when it comes to re-letting the property.

3. As part of Homesite fully managed service we collect your rent and our
accounts department will work their magic to send the rental income into your
bank each month. As already mentioned, if a rent is late a good agent will be sure
to reach out to the tenant and have the awkward conversations, so you don’t
have to.
Additionally, should any significant tenancy issues arise, property management
will deal with, and guide you in areas such as tenant evictions and attending any
necessary court proceedings, should it get to this point.

4. Professional property maintenance
From time to time your property may need some maintenance and repair work.
Rest assured that a good agency will have a contacts book full of reliable
contractors who can get to the property fast and tackle the repairs, at a
reasonable cost to you. At Homesite, we will always let you know in advance
should we need to send a contractor out, but we will handle everything on your

5. Maximising your income
Whilst keeping costs to a minimum it is also important to ensure the correct
market rent is being achieved. The market has moved quickly in recent times and
you can easily fall behind therefore not maximising your income but possibly still
suffering from inflation and rising interest rates. At Homesite, we will carry out
regular rent reviews and communicate to you whether we feel the rent should be
increased and if you’re in agreement, we will manage the rent increase process
for you.

6. And finally…peace of mind
A fully managed service is aimed at taking away any stresses while giving you
security and peace of mind. As a landlord you have a busy life and you want to
put your trust in an estate agency that will be easily contactable (past the 9-5
too) should your tenant require it.

At Homesite we make sure the little things don’t need to become big ones –
letting you enjoy your holidays and weekends or focusing on your career and
family, while we keep your property and tenants safe and sound.
If you have any questions about letting out your property or regarding any of our
property management services, get in touch with our team at Homesite today.